Training Project Risk Management and Compliance

Course Description Project Risk Management and Compliance Training

Sometimes, serious risks may appear in the least expected places. Despite years of experience, these risks may slip out of the mind of experienced managers or supervisors. This course will raise awareness of risks management needed in any project. It also teaches participants how to comply with safety regulations imposed by the government.

Course Objectives Project Risk Management and Compliance Training

  • Identifying probable risks
  • Creating a good and efficient action plan
  • Complying with normal safety standards
  • Minimizing and eliminating any expected risks
  • Consistently executing successful projects

Who Should Attend? Project Risk Management and Compliance Training

  • Project managers
  • Project Management Professionals (PMPs)
  • Functional managers
  • Business leaders
  • Mid-level manager
  • Project managers who need to learn the critical leadership skills

Course Details Project Risk Management and Compliance Training

  • Overview of project management
  • Project life cycle
  • Project management processes
  • Project roles and organization structure
  • Project management process and knowledge areas
  • Introduction to risk management
  • Risk Management System
  • Decision Trees
  • Risk Prioritization
  • Benefits of Project Risk Analysis and Management
  • Sources of risk
  • Risk as an opportunity
  • Value management & risk
  • Behavioral and cultural factors
  • Environment & stakeholders
  • Compiling the Risk Management Plan
  • Risk identification and risk assessment
  • Quantitative methods for risk assessment
  • Planned responses to risk
  • Risk registers & their operation
  • Risk ownership
  • Quality & quality management
  • Scheduling, planning & work definition
  • Plan and perform mitigation actions
  • Tracking risks
  • Risk Documentation
  • Compliance verification prior to deadline
  • Client communications and feedback analysis