Description Training Microsoft Project (MS) 

This Microsoft Project class, will teach you the skills to manage and maintain control of multiple projects more efficiently for your organization. You will learn to use its flexible and intuitive tools and solutions to help create the project plan, track progress, adjust resources and create dynamic reports. Make your project more visible, for others to see the status of a project and boost collaboration.

Objective Training Microsoft Project (MS)

  • Leverage Microsoft Project to plan your project
  • Manage project schedules and resources
  • Create reports and dashboards to effectively share project data
  • Track progress and monitor variances between targets and actuals

Participant Training Microsoft Project (MS)

  • Project managers
  • Supervisors
  • Executives

Course Outline Training Microsoft Project (MS)

Introduction to Microsoft Project

  • Overview of project management concepts that apply to Microsoft Project
  • Introducing the Microsoft Project interface
  • Customizing the Ribbon and Quick Access Toolbar

Creating a New Project Plan

  • Building a project plan
  1. Producing a work breakdown structure (WBS)
  2. Entering tasks, summary tasks and milestones
  3. Estimating and entering task duration
  4. Establishing relationships between tasks
  5. Working with different types of dependencies
  6. Adjusting the project schedule to target specific dates
  • Scheduling essentials
  1. Leveraging manual and automatic scheduling
  2. Conceptualizing and identifying the critical path
  3. Analyzing and managing the schedule
  • Optimizing the project plan
  1. Implementing lag and lead
  2. Applying deadline dates to the project plan
  3. Setting, locating and removing task constraints
  4. Managing master and subprojects

Controlling Your Project Plan

  • Configuring calendars
  1. Creating new and updating existing calendars
  2. Analyzing the relationship between project, task and resource calendars
  3. Changing default calendar options
  • Applying calendars to projects, tasks and resources
  1. Assigning calendars appropriately
  2. Updating your project plan due to calendar changes
  • Sharing project calendars
  1. Saving calendar changes to the Global template
  2. Sharing and organizing calendars

Keeping Your Project on Track

  • Preparing for tracking
  1. Validating the project plan
  2. Establishing the baseline
  • Tracking task progress
  1. Identifying key steps in the tracking process
  2. Updating the project plan with tracking data
  3. Analyzing variance against the project plan
  4. Creating graphical status indicators
  • Troubleshooting schedule problems
  1. Reviewing project task updates for timeline problems
  2. Resolving issues with the project schedule

Managing Project Resources and Assignments

  • Creating and assigning resources
  1. Defining work, material and cost resources
  2. Assigning resources to tasks
  3. Utilizing budget resources
  4. Configuring resource pools
  • Managing and tracking resource assignments
  1. Troubleshooting resource assignments
  2. Investigating and resolving resource overallocations
  3. Tracking assignment progress
  4. Leveraging the Usage views to manage assignments

Analyzing Project Data and Preparing Reports

  • Identifying communication needs
  1. Defining stakeholder groups
  2. Identifying project communication requirements

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